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What can I do to determine whether my solar panels are functioning?

Jul 24

You would like your solar panel system to perform well, no matter if you're thinking about or recently installed the panels. If you're like many people, you're not sure how to check if your panels are working properly. In this blog we'll explain how to tell whether your solar panels are working properly and what to do if they're not.

How can I tell whether my solar panels function in a proper way?

While solar panels don't need regular maintenance, there are actions you can take to ensure they're functioning. There are five methods to ensure that your panels are operating at their maximum efficiency. Advosy Energy will be the best option for you in order to pick up efficiently.

The Inverter is accessible for inspection

The inverter is the part that most people refer to as the "brains" of a solar system. It is the component that converts direct current energy (DC) into AC, or alternating current electricity (AC) which you can utilize in your home. There are two types of inverters that are available that are available: micro-inverters and string inverters. To find out which type you own, consult the solar provider in your area. However, micro-inverters tend to be tiny and are attached to the backside of solar panels. String inverters are located in a different area and be much bigger.

Inverters are equipped with indicators that show how they're performing. Advosy Energy Az's solar technician should be contacted when you notice the red or orange light.

Monitor Production

You can also check the amount of energy your solar system produces to check if it's operating properly. What can I do to find out how much power my panels generate? You can track the power output of your solar system using an app or solar meter. You must be aware of the kilowatt hours produced by the solar system you have. If the kilowatt-hours are increasing, your solar system is working. If the kilowatt-hours are not increasing, it might be time to contact your California solar energy company.

Check the Weather

The weather is among the most significant factors that influence the amount of solar power your solar panels produce. It is difficult to tell whether your panels function properly if there is rain or snow. If your power production is less than usual, you should check the weather conditions to determine if it's the cause. If you live in a cloudy area but the good news is that you'll still be able to get enough solar power from your panels. It's all about the amount of the power that your system generates throughout the year. Additionally solar panels may have a slight shade during the day due to expanding trees or new structures which can result in them not performing as well as they should. For optimal performance, you must check with your solar provider.

Pay attention to your electric bill

Your electric bill is an additional way to verify that your system is operating effectively. If the solar panels are functioning properly, your electric bill should be less. Electric bills can fluctuate based on the production levels of the solar panels, but over time, you should pay less for electricity from your company. If your electricity bills are too high for too long, your solar panels may not be performing as well as they ought to and you need to reach out to your installer.

Get in touch with Your Solar Company

You can reach your solar company should you have any questions about how your panels are doing. The California solar panel companies are experts who can diagnose and fix any problems with your solar panels.

What do you do if they're not working?

What can you do if your solar panels aren't working in a proper manner? If you find something not working, there are a few ways to fix it:

Check the breaker switches

Try turning it on and off again as you would with computers or phones. The same thing for solar panels by examining the breaker switches once more and turning them off and then on.

Clear Debris

Find out if something is that is covering your solar panels, and remove it. Sometimes, fallen leaves can be the culprit, and brushing them off can increase the solar power production.

Get in touch with your local solar company

If you're thinking, "Why are my solar panels not functioning?" we're here to assist. At 8MSolar, we'll come to inspect your solar system and assist you to determine the cause. We offer a 25 year warranty that will allow you to get your system running again within the first five years of solar panels being put in place.

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